Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blog Abandonment and Where to Find Me

Obviously, I haven't really been doing this blogging thing lately. It's been very nearly a year, and I think that pushes things over the line from "blog break" to "blog abandonment." I still don't plan on this being a forever goodbye to this space, but I also don't have a plan to come back to it any time soon. 

If you're still interested in seeing what I'm up to these days (including lots of sewing, cooking, gardening, and adorable children), I'd love to connect on Instagram! I'm dilettantesarah over there...let's be friends. ;)

Check me out on Instagram! 

1 comment:

annette said...

Hi Sarah!
I just popped by and was very happy to see this post.
I hope you, Adam, Adelaide & Quinn are all well.
Everything is going well over here.
Enjoy the summer!
Best -