Thursday, April 23, 2009

Banana bread

Adam really likes banana bread. I think it's ok, I guess, but I usually don't bother eating it. I'm not big on bananas. But Adam requested it the other day, so I obliged.

My go-to recipe is the banana bread with flaxseed from Moosewood Restaurant New Classics, but I felt like trying something new this time. So this is the banana bread from The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book.

banana bread

The only change I made to the recipe in the book was to substitute sour cream for the yogurt because I didn't have any plain yogurt on hand.

It has Adam's seal of approval. I haven't tried it. But it smells good. And it looks good. And the texture feels good. And it was easy. It's pretty much what I think of as standard banana bread, unlike the Moosewood recipe, which is definitely a little more crunchy.

While typing this out I mispelled "banana" every single time I typed it. Always "banan" or "bnana." Apparently there are too many A's for me to handle. Sheesh.


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Always a favorite no matter what. Love banana bread.