Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My first potholders

There was another graduation last weekend. This time, my youngest sister was graduating from high school.

I felt like, as part of her graduation gift, she needed some potholders, made by me of course. Sure, she won't be doing much cooking when she heads off to university. But I'm sure there will be some Easy Mac or Ramen or similar in her future, and pulling that stuff out of the microwave can be hazardous!

So I present to you my very first potholders.


A little off around the edges, but not too bad. The hardest part was trying to figure out exactly what kind of batting to use. I went with two layers of a 20/80 poly-cotton blend because it felt soft but sturdy. And there wasn't a whole lot to choose from at Jo Ann's...wool batting was not an option.

And here they are modeled by the graduate herself, my lovely sister Libby.

Libby models the potholders

Congratulations, Lib!

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