Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better late than never.

Edible cake isn't the only thing I managed to accomplish over the weekend, in case you were wondering. It was very nearly the only thing, but not quite. I also made up this little pouch for my sister.

small pouch for Rachel

See, the intrepid girl reporter needs a handy way to make sure she always has her necessary smallish items (such as extra batteries) on her as she dashes off to the reporter-type places she frequents.

The idea here is that she can clip this little pouch to her ID tag thingy, thereby never forgetting it. And it has handy little pencil-holding loops of twill tape, too! It is in the mail on its way to her now, so we'll see how well it actually functions in a few days.

small pouch for Rachel

Also, with this, I used my mock overlock stitch to finish the inside seams, and I like it. I really should use my not-just-plain-straight-stitching stitches more often.


Shannon said...

What a thoughtful and cute gift!

annette ooyevaar said...

a perfect and clever pouch - you are really on to something there - I bet it will get used so heavily she will be asking you for a new one when this one wears out.

Anonymous said...

It's PERFECT! You even went to the trouble of a zipper! I might even print up business cards so more than batteries can be held in its loveliness! Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah said...

Thanks, all!

Rach--I'm so glad you like it! Sorry about the, um, delayed production schedule!