Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Assorted ramblings, not one photo included

It was so darn nice out for most of the past weekend. It was just lovely and perfect.

We hosted a tiny brunch on Sunday, which was a perfect excuse to make this again. (Again? So soon? Yes. Because I love it.) I also tried these potatoes, which seemed a bit risky (an untested recipe, and with capers, an ingredient I was not sure I would even like), but which turned out to be pretty tasty. And a frittata with spinach and feta. And lots and lots of fruit. I was pretty proud of myself because things all seemed to be ready and on the table at just about the same time, something that I rarely achieve. It's usually more along the lines of "Here is your veggie burger, and your potatoes will be done in about twenty minutes. Should we have some salad, too?"

You know what Cadbury should do? Make a dark chocolate version of the creme eggs. One of my coworkers suggested that today, and I am totally on board. I love the filling as is, of course, but a dark chocolate outer would be a nice change. [so ends my discussion of Cadbury eggs for the year...probably]

I am so in the mood to be sewing some more spring/summer clothes for myself. And this coming weekend holds a trip to a not-JoAnn's fabric store, so I should be able to stock up on some supplies! Yay! I just love not-JoAnn's fabric stores. Really and truly, I do.

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annette said...

Yes, dark chocolate around that Cadbury Creme Egg would be heavenly...then we would be surrounded by twice as many little Cadbury Creme Egg wrappers, since you would have to have equal amounts of both kinds.