Monday, May 17, 2010


Holy moly, it's been nearly two weeks since my last post. I'm still here. I haven't been abducted by alien life forms or anything.

I've got this whole list of sewing and cooking projects...I just haven't actually managed to do anything on the list yet.

It's been busy around here. Too busy. You'd think I'd at least still have some food to post about or something...I mean, we do have to eat after all. But no. It's either been boring, usual stuff (I've made chocolate chip cookies at least twice) or epic failure (rarely do I take one bite of something and think "Well, I definitely won't be trying this again," but that happened a few days ago with a lentil dish).

berry tart

I did learn not to listen to the instructions The Joy of Cooking gives regarding brushing egg yolk over a tart crust before blind baking it. Unless you want to spend fifteen minutes post-baking trying to pick apart foil and crust, only achieving moderate success (which means I was able to salvage about half the crust, the rest was permanently attached to the foil). At least the berry filling was yummy.

In less whiney news: I am getting ready to modify and cut into a new dress pattern from Built By Wendy Dresses, so here's hoping the "getting ready" part gives way to the actual modifying and cutting very, very soon.

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annette said...

we missed you - glad you are back - yes there is nothing better than a crispy pinched tart crust with baked berries embedded in it!