Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Incapable of multitasking.

We still don't have an internet connection at the house. Which is probably for the best because it has helped keep us focused on more necessary tasks like unpacking, buying a lawn mower and mowing the lawn so our new neighbors don't think we are bad people, unpacking, making all sorts of address-change-related phone calls, unpacking, buying a washer and dryer so we can wear clean clothes so our coworkers don't think we are dirty, unpacking, trying to feed ourselves,* unpacking, sleeping, and unpacking.

We are supposed to have an internet connection, but last night we could not make it work. So we'll fiddle about with it again tonight and hope that my magic computery skills** can fix it. If not, I will spend Friday on the phone with our phone/internet provider's tech support of doom. I guess it could be "tech support of quick and efficient helpfulness," but I'm going to stick with "doom."

But don't give up on me! I really will be back to normal sometime! Probably!

*We are finally, just now, making it into feeding ourselves territory. Sort of. We have been subsisting largely on eating out, stuff from the freezer aisle of the grocery, and baked goods from other people. The blueberry bread that one of the neighbors welcomed us with? That was both my breakfast and my lunch for several days. Then it was gone. Luckily, my family showed up bearing cherry crisp, so that has been both breakfast and lunch this week. That and cold pizza. But last night I made pasta! Well...I cooked up some dried pasta and heated up sauce from a jar. But that seems like a step in the right direction.

**My magic computery skills are not magic in the "Oooh, I'm so good with computers! You do not have my skills, so they will seem like magic to you!" sense. They are more magic in the "Hmmm. Maybe if I click this and jiggle that...Oooh! That worked! I don't know why, but I bet it was magic!" sense. Just so you know.

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