Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Tower

Today was a rough day. We had a big list of around-the-house projects and errands, and it just seemed like each one of them was ten times more difficult than it should have been. Frustrating and exhausting. So now seems like a good time to revisit one of my favorite parts of our recent vacation.

I loved the Tower of London. Partly this is because the Tower is very, very interesting. Partly this is because I am a very low-brow historian (meaning I cannot keep actual history in my brain at all, but I get really excited to see places associated with the characters from The Tudors; pathetic, I know).

The Tower

The Tower of London is huge, which I was not expecting. I mean, I didn't think it was small, but I didn't realize it was basically its own little village. The yeoman warders and their families actually live there (complete with bicycles and doormats and patio furniture that you can see if you look down off one of the high walkways). There are museum-ish parts and historically restored rooms (some lived in by prisoners, some lived in by royalty...and some lived in by royalty who became prisoners) and a chapel and the crown jewels and extensive grounds and on and on. Easily a half-day adventure. It was amazing.

Also: New blog masthead! Definitely too cold now for the bare-feet-in-the-grass header of this summer. (And thanks to Adam for the new photo, which he took in Dublin as we walked across the campus of Trinity College. And for some of the Tower photos above.)

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Elizabeth said...

wonderful pictures! compliments to the photographer.I love the header and agree that your previous one made my feet cold!