Monday, January 24, 2011

Why, yes, this is an announcement.

Latest project: tiny little pants.

baby pants!

Because, yeah, there's going to be a baby around here.

These are the Basic Baby Pants by Rae over at Made By Rae. Super easy. Of course, whether or not they fit the kid when it gets here remains to be seen, but they were fun to make anyway.

baby pants!

I have tons of baby-related sewing planned...I'll be happy if I get even half of it accomplished. Most of my sewing time is still being taken up by the curtains. But planning and working on cute (or even not-so-cute but functional) projects for the kid is very happy-making, so I'm sure I'll fit it in whenever I can. It's a good time to daydream about the little one on the way (not that that's not happening all the time anyway), and it feels useful and busy in a very good way. The baby is due in early May, which seems simultaneously still so far off and coming up so very soon. ("Plenty of time for lots and lots of projects!" Followed immediately by "Oh my goodness, I really need to start and finish all of these things right now!") And Adam and I could not be more excited to add another member to our little family.


Kat said...

Congratulations! That is fabulous news.

annette said...

A big virtual hug and congratulations to you and Adam! I am very excited for you Sarah! Your darling little baby pants have got me remembering all the fun little clothes I sewed up for Ari.

Sarah said...

Thank you both!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Also, I like the new header.