Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out in it

Every year I am reminded that growing food is an amazing thing. To put seeds into the bare ground and be rewarded with the makings of meal -- I will never cease to be awed by it, at least I hope that is the case.

out in it

This year we expanded the garden and added some new things, once again just trying to figure it all out as we roll along.

out in it

This year we also have a sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes clingy little helper, of course, which is a lot of fun (though it does tend to slow things down a bit!). This girl just adores being outside. Always. She doesn't always want to do anything out here -- sometimes she just wants to stand in the yard and be held -- but she's always itching to get out here just the same. Which, of course, I love. And I hope her enjoyment of the outdoors sticks with her as she grows. I want her to love and respect nature. I want her to continue to wonder at the birds and the plants. I want her to grow up knowing good, healthy food and valuing the work it takes to get it to the table.

out in it

She's enjoying this little pail and tool set from Green Toys (and I'm enjoying that it's BPA-, pthlate-, and PVC-free and made in the USA from recycled plastic!). Digging in the garden soil myself while she digs happily in the soil nearby, having her look up from time to time to offer me a precious chunk of earth, is one of the times I feel like maybe we're getting things right.

out in it


annette said...

I spy corn!
I love the pic of Adelaide giving the tree close attention and loving pats.
I am also loving the new blog format and sidebar photo!

Sarah said...

Yes, we're trying corn for the first time this year! So far, so good.

Adelaide does love her tree! In a later photo in that series, she cuddled her face right up against the bark for more tree love!