Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can it

Holy crap, you guys, I canned applesauce! This is, as far as I am concerned, the kind of thing that should be breathlessly exclaimed to anyone who might be willing to listen to me speak for more than a couple of seconds. Because, and maybe you missed this the first time, I CANNED APPLESAUCE! Now that I've internet-yelled it at you, I'm sure you understand the majorness of the situation.

Can it

Seriously, though, I am pretty excited about this, as it is my first foray into the world of canning.* It made me feel all self sufficient, which is, of course, awesome. I have yet to put the jars away on the pantry shelves because looking at them reminds me that I am now a canning rockstar finally got up the courage to try this thing I've been wanting to try for ages. And that it (so far...I think...we haven't eaten it yet...) worked out pretty well.

Can it

It was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Easier because it is actually fairly uncomplicated...just heating and boiling and such. Harder because it took forever for anything to boil, putting things into and out of big pots of boiling water is kinda scary, and I'm still a little bit (irrationally) afraid that I'll botulize** my family.

Can it

I used about 40 pounds of apples, canned 7 quarts of sauce and froze the rest (about another 6 quarts, I'd say, but the containers are of varying sizes so it's hard to be precise). Not exactly enough to satisfy our applesauce needs for the year--Adelaide loves her some applesauce--but it still feels like quite the accomplishment!

Can it

*Well, aside from "helping" my dad can stuff from our garden. I remember very little other than that canning pickles made the house hot and smelly like vinegar.

**Totally a word. Not at all made up. Also, I followed all the instructions and know that everything should be fine, so I'm not AFRAID afraid, but I am a worrier and can't quite shake it completely. You know how it goes.


Meryl said...

I feel the same way when I sew something. Like, I want to go out on my front porch and yell to my neighbors, "DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID? ISN'T IT SO AWESOME?!"

And homemade apple sauce is so good, too! Congrats on your first step to becoming a canning goddess!

annette said...

I am having applesauce canning envy over here. I have not managed get the nerve up to home can yet. You have got me re-thinking this nervous attitude!

amy rene said...

oh, canning is addictive! happy to hear you enjoyed it and hope to see more. :)