Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing says cozy like flannel pants

Now that it's almost February, I guess I really should get to the rest of my "sewing from December" stuff, huh?
But first...I've been giving it some thought, and it seems like a lot of my problems with posting regularly are photo problems. It's too dark, they're too blurry (especially true whenever Adelaide is involved), I don't have time for the whole DSLR-to-laptop-to-photo-editing-to-posting rigamarole, and on and on. So, resolution: get over it, Sarah. The photos won't always be good. Sometimes they'll be iffy-lighting-and-the-iPad photos. And that is good enough. Really.
Now, on to the flannel pants!
These are Simplicity 3584. They came together easily and, other than the several inches I trimmed off the bottom for length, they fit pretty well. Next time I might also add an extra inch in the rise to better accommodate the kiddo's cloth diapered booty, but they still work as-is.

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