Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When, shortly after moving in to the house, I told Adam I'd just go ahead and sew the curtains for the living and dining rooms, I'm pretty sure he didn't foresee it taking more than two years.* I'm also fairly certain that when I first insisted, sometime nearly a decade ago, that I'd bake him a chocolate birthday cake from scratch, he didn't anticipate several years of nearly inedible chocolate cakes before I finally found a consistently yummy go-to recipe.**

But he stuck it out anyway. I'm lucky like that.

Well, this year's chocolate birthday cake was a success (see recipe linked above, which I highly recommend). And the curtains: they're finally done. You're looking at the last pair in the photo below. I'm finished. And could not be happier to have this checked off my list.

Patience (curtains)

Happy birthday, babe!

*You may remember the saga of the curtains from various posts, including this one. Spoiler alert: I drastically miscalculate and then get lucky.
**And the saga of the birthday cakes is, again, spread around the blog, but is dealt with here.

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Meryl said...

Eventually, right? They look great though! I love how nice and bright the space is.