Thursday, May 16, 2013

A bow tie for the birthday girl

Conversation with Adelaide the morning of her birthday:
Adelaide (pointing to her bear): Bow tie!
Me: That's right, bear has a red bow tie. Do you like bow ties?
Adelaide: Yes! Add like bow tie! Add have bow tie soon!

Conversational takeaway:
1. We cursed the kid with a long name, and she won't be able to pronounce the entire thing until she's seven.
2. I should totally whip up a bow tie for her birthday.

A bow tie for the birthday girl

My method was two parts this tutorial, one part this tutorial, and a dash of winging it because I didn't feel like reading the tutorials all that thoroughly. It took about 30 minutes and less than a third of a yard of fabric, plus a bit of interfacing and some velcro. Highly recommended.

The birthday girl was a happy bow-tie-clad camper, as evidenced by this video, in which she is dancing to one of her other birthday gifts: a Tears for Fears CD. That's right. And she loved it.

A new bow tie and some Tears for Fears: Best birthday ever from Sarah Ross on Vimeo.

But bow ties aren't all fun and games, my friends. Bow ties can also be serious business. In this case, Adelaide needed to get serious about watching a music video with her dad on the iPad while still in her pajamas, but you can tell from that face and the crossed arms that she is FOR REAL about it.

A bow tie for the birthday girl


Meryl said...

Precious! She'll be tap dancing before you know it.

annette said...

Giggling and giggling about the jumps for joy! It reminds me of how much Ari loved the Ramones when they would come on the radio. And the bowtie is so cool!

Shannon said...

I love the bow tie! What a stylish little girl. :)