Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I don't like it that much, but at least I finished it! Right? Right?

I have finally come to the less than thrilling conclusion of my maternity sewing project.

Mariposa tunic

I've been working a few minutes here and a few minutes there on the Mariposa Tunic from Handmade Beginnings for a couple of months now, stitching away when I could find a spare (and not completely exhausted) minute or two, which wasn't often, obviously.

The pattern has a maternity option and a non-maternity option, and can be made as a dress or a tunic. I went with the maternity tunic.

And, though I kind of hate to say it, I have some issues.

First, I had read several pattern reviews that recommended adding some length to the tunic and some height to the modesty panel, so I did (about 4 inches to the length and 3 inches to the panel, if I recall), and thank goodness! This would not have been wearable for me otherwise. I'm 5'8", so maybe on someone shorter it would have been okay? But I don't typically have a problem with shirt torsos being too short, so maybe not.

Mariposa tunic

Also, the ties: The pics in the book show it tied up front. Well, in reality, they aren't long enough to wrap around and come back to the front to tie, but the shape of the area where the ties connect to the main part of the shirt makes it not really work to tie in front without the wrap-around move because it leaves the chest really baggy and weird. So I can only tie this in back. Which isn't terrible, but is not what I had envisioned based on the book.

Mariposa tunic
Mariposa tunic
Mariposa tunic

The inside is kind of messy. This is partly me, because I could have gone all fancy and figured out how to finish it more nicely without tons of messy, exposed, notched seams. But since I made Adam that Negroni (Colette Patterns, best pattern I have ever sewn from), I just want all the patterns to be as nice as that one and tell me how to make it all pretty and professional, gosh darn it.

The general fit is probably the most disappointing thing. Based on the size chart guidelines, I made a Small/Medium. I have almost outgrown it already. I am 7 months along and have gained a "normal" amount of weight, but my belly is definitely pushing the limits of this shirt. Yet the bust is too roomy, even though I have definitely gained at least a "normal" amount of pregnancy bust as well. So the fit is just off for me. It looks frumpy.

Mariposa tunic

I like the chambray fabric I picked out (from JoAnn Fabrics). The sleeves are fine. And that's about the best of it. Not thrilled. Would not recommend.

Oh, well. I've already started my next project (for Adelaide, because after this I'm not feeling the selfish sewing right now), so onward ho!

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Meryl said...

I commend you for sewing maternity clothes at all. I think I bought about three, black, stretchy t-shirts and just did laundry often.