Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Changing it up a bit

I think I am going to do a photojournal kind of thing on this here blog for a little while.

I am still trying to take it easy and be extra kind to myself right now, which means I am not getting a lot of bloggable stuff done. Plus I was mid-moving-to-the-new-sewing-room when little Quinn came along, so things are not really up and running in that department. And next week I will begin the part where I am home alone during the day with both kids (terrifying!) after being lucky enough to have either Adam or my mom here with me all the time for these first couple of weeks (extra thank-yous to my awesome mother!).

Therefore: photojournal. Because I miss being in this space, but I know my current limitations. Surely I can manage a few iPad photos here and there, with maybe a few words sprinkled in.

See you soon!


Nothing like your own helmet to make you feel like a big kid.
I have been doing a lot of napping with this guy.


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