Friday, January 31, 2014

KCW Days 3-5: That time the baby stopped sleeping

kid's clothes week

Let's just say that I am not quite as far along on my KCW sewing as I had hoped to be at this point. First, I picked a pattern that, though billed as "easy," has taken me FOREVER to trace and cut. We're talking about a kids size 3 that uses nearly six yards of fabric. So much fabric for such a tiny person. So much tracing. So much cutting. I had allotted a couple of days just for tracing and cutting because fitting in an hour a day is a great goal and all, but I definitely can't achieve it every day, even for a week. But then the baby decided that sleep was for the weak, and the wrench, it was thrown into my rather modest plan.

I know that when the going gets tough, the tough are supposed to get going and all that. But let's be real: sometimes when the going gets tough, you stay in  pajamas for two straight days, pour yourself an adult beverage at 7:30 each night, and collapse in front of the television for the way too brief period between child-bedtime and grown-up-bedtime. Because I love my kids, and I love being home with them, but c'mon, hanging out with a baby who is AWAKE SO AWAKE all day long, and who is not even terribly happy about it, is hard.

But today! Oh, today! Mister Quinn decided that maybe he could be friends with napping again, or at least give it a chance for an hour or so. And I finally finished cutting all my many yards of fabric. So, Adelaide may get a bathrobe by the end of the week after all.

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