Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kill me with cuteness

I've had this little project finished for a bit now, but life and the weather weren't really cooperating for a photo shoot. Adam managed to get these shots the other day, though (thanks, babe!).

So I present something I've been meaning to sew since, oh, I don't know, around the time we found out I was pregnant: a romper.

kill me with cuteness

Rompers kill me with cuteness.* I don't know why, exactly, but they do. I cannot resist them.

kill me with cuteness

This is a Simplicity New Look pattern (my envelope says 0156, but it looks like 6970 on the Simplicity website). View A (minus the appliqué), size Medium. It was super easy to sew up and fits pretty well over Adelaide's big cloth-diapered tush, so it definitely gets a thumbs-up.

kill me with cuteness

I used some leftover fabric from this shirt. I love that fabric. And I used wooden buttons I had in my stash, because wooden buttons are the bee's knees. Actually the only thing I had to buy new was the snap tape for the bottom closure, so that makes me happy. As does this:

kill me with cuteness

*It is extremely important to note that this statement applies only to rompers for babies and small children. Rompers for grown-ups do kill me, but it's more with weeping and burning of retinas. Don't cause my unhappy, seared-eyeball death. Don't wear adult rompers.

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Shannon said...

So very cute! The baby and the romper! Those wooden buttons really are perfect for it. :)