Thursday, March 26, 2009


hedgehog wallet

Okay, how cute is this fabric? I know. Too cute, right?

hedgehog wallet

I'll be giving this little gift to one of my sisters this weekend. This is the third wallet I've made from the pattern in Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing.

This is one of the first two. I can't tell which because they look pretty much the same.

blue dot wallet

I made one for myself, realized it was too small/tight to fit the insane number of card-type-things I carry daily, and pawned it off on my youngest sister, who has but few cards to deal with. Then I made a few adjustments to the pattern and tried again. And I kept that one for myself (and use it daily and love it).

So I finally got around to making this new version for my other sister. She'd better love it, because those hedgehogs should not go unappreciated!


Anonymous said...

It IS appreciated. And I tell all my friends about it ... AND ... I know someone who wants to buy one.
P.S. you have permission to name The Sisters Twain by name. First name anyway.
The Sisters Twain

Sarah said...

Well, thanks, Rachel and Libby dearest! Although now that you have given me "the Sisters Twain" as a descriptor for the two of you, how can I ever go back to your real names?