Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday morning breakfast


These are Lily's Scones from Nigella Lawson's How to Be a Domestic Goddess. They're pretty darn tasty when still warm from the oven and spread with some jam or lemon curd. And you can freeze the dough rounds to pop into the oven at a later date (these are from some dough I froze well over a month ago). Very convenient.

But once cooked, if these things sit for even a day they become truly gross--very dry and rough and kind of scouring-pad-like. So don't let them sit. Eat them all at once!

Also, these aren't exactly what I expected when I went to make scones. They are much lighter, fluffier, and more moist than what I think of when I think of scones. But wikipedia tells me that this is because scones sold in the United States are usually drier, sweeter, and larger than real scones (i.e., British scones). So, what with Nigella being English and all, these are real scones.

And speaking of lemon curd...One of my aunts served up some lemon curd on scones a few years back, and since then I'd really been craving it. So this winter I finally picked up a jar of lemon curd and made some scones to spread it on. It was delicious. But every time I've eaten it since then, it has just seemed ok. So apparently lemon curd is really an every-now-and-then thing for me and I shouldn't buy whole jars of it. If I only eat it once a year or so, I absolutely adore it, but otherwise, meh. Is that weird?

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Anonymous said...

not weird. I feel same way. But now that I am thinking of lemon curd, I may need to try to find some. Of course then I'll have to make scones. I'll have to try Nigella's!
--an aunt