Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha

Yesterday I had to take Adam's watch to Macy's after work for a new battery. Since the watch repair counter is in the basement next to the home goods, I used my fifteen-minute wait to browse the Martha Stewart kitchen and dining section. And now I "need" about a million more things for my (rather small) kitchen and dining section.

The perfect plain white cake stands. Simple flour sack towels in fresh spring colors. Polka-dotted cupcake boxes? Adorable. I can hardly stand the awesome old-farmhouse-ness of those cutting boards. I don't know why I love the chicken dishtowels so much, but I do. The whole whiteware collection makes me wish I needed new dishes just now. And the one thing I actually do need--and just might actually get around to purchasing one day--the recipe card box. But the blue one or the red one? And that's just the stuff I could find online. Don't even get me started on the muffin/cupcake papers. Sigh.

I mostly love Martha Stewart. Sure, sometimes I flip through the magazine and think, "Really? Are you serious? Who has time for that?" But more often it's more like, "Wow! Awesome! I want to make time for that!" Although, after giving the May issue it's initial flip-through last night, I'm thinking this isn't a particularly great issue for me. I think I only dog-eared two pages, which is pretty low.

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