Sunday, June 21, 2009

A mat for the cat

Our cat is a very messy eater. She gets her dry food all over the floor.

So clearly she was in need of a placemat.

Moe's placemat

At least this way we can just pick up the mat and shake it off into the trash. Because, let's face it, if I have to get out the vacuum or pick her food up with my hands every day to keep things clean, I'm just not going to do it and that is gross.

Moe's placemat

I just cut some strips out of some of Adam's old khaki pants and some leftover quilting cotton and pieced them together. Then I cut a piece of denim from an old skirt and a piece of lightweight batting to match. Sew it all right sides together, turn it right side out, and stitch around the edges. I quilted it a little to finish by stitching down the ditch of each row. Not exactly professional--I was feeling way too lazy to even consider binding the edges properly--but it will serve its purpose.

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