Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some things

I have been working on some stuff sewing-wise, but I haven't finished anything. I made some pretty good creamy mushroom pasta for dinner last night, but I didn't take a photo or write down how I did it. So I don't have much to show for myself lately!

But I do have the first radish from my little container garden! It is tiny. I should have waited a bit longer, I guess, but I just couldn't.

06.25.2009--first radish-1.1

And the tomato plant is blossoming!

06.25.2009--tomato blossoms

And I finally, for the first time, changed the needle on my sewing machine. (Very bad of me, I know.) Here is the old needle along with evidence that the state of my windowsills probably makes the angels cry.


Sewing with the new needle was awesome. It was like sewing through butter, it was that smooth. I totally need to change needles more often. Of course.

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