Sunday, July 26, 2009

Instant gratification

Well, I've done all the cutting for the dress, but I've been feeling too lazy to get to the sewing-it-together part. All those instructions! I feel too weekendish to devote that kind of mental exertion to it today.

But I did feel like doing some sewing. Just nothing very difficult or time consuming.


So first I stitched up this little cuff with some linen (leftovers from an old skirt I had previously deconstructed), a few buttons (sitting in my sewing box, from who knows where), and a cute cotton print (bought this winter with no project in mind). I like it.

skirt and cuff

Then I took a look at the remains of this denim skirt, which I had hacked the bottom off of for this apron. Now it should make a pretty good skirt to throw on over my swimsuit for trips to the beach. Nice. This stitching is ostensibly to keep it from unraveling at the bottom too quickly, but really it is just fun to do. It's like scribbling, but cooler. I wish I had more stuff to stitch around on like this.

skirt stitching

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