Monday, July 20, 2009

In which I eat a lot of cheese

I tried to make grilled cheese (or "cheese toasties" if you are me) once a few years ago. I failed miserably: blackened bread, non-melty cheese, a smoke-filled apartment, etc. But the other day I saw this video tutorial on how to properly make a grilled cheese, so I decided to give it another go Sunday night. And it worked! I was pretty happy about that. Plus, we ate salads from some pretty decent home-grown lettuce. A very successful dinner.


On Sunday we went on an architectural river tour. Being out on a boat on the river was fun, even if our tour guide person was way too into new condo developments at the expense of cool old architectural history.


When it was over, we found ourselves in need of some lunch. We do not often find ourselves in need of a decent weekend meal downtown, so we wandered. There are a lot of steakhouses, and everything seems so overpriced and touristy, but we were starving. So we eventually ended up at Rockit Bar and Grill, and--finally coming to the point of this story--the mac and cheese was so very good. I mean, it was really awesome. And I'm not even a huge mac and cheese fan. So now I have an urge to try making some good mac and cheese at home. We shall see.


(Photos by Adam)

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