Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some failures and some successes, gardening style

Oh, I have nothing to show for myself. I feel like I've been busy. I don't think I've actually done anything, but I still feel busy.

I do have little tiny tomatoes growing though! So that's exciting.

teeny-tiny tomatoes!

I harvested some wimpy little spinach earlier this week, too. The wimpy part is my own fault for planting too much in too small a space too late in the season. At least it still tasted fine.

But my poor radishes! I am not so much to blame for them. Their leaves were suddenly and totally devoured by some unknown creature. What with not having any leaves, they pretty much stopped the whole growing-to-edible-size thing.

But the basil! The basil is so easy! It just grows and grows. Even if I forget to water it and it gets a bit wilty, just water it a little extra the next time and it'll be back, baby! Plus, pesto is delicious. So there's that.

pesto pasta

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