Monday, July 13, 2009

How can it be Monday already?

I keep meaning to start work on my first dressmaking project--in fact, I've been meaning to start it since, oh, maybe April--but once again the weekend got away from me with zero sewing going on.

But I did make some bread, which is good. I have become spoiled. I need homemade bread now. I'm still working on perfecting this recipe though. It tastes good, but the loaves aren't staying as puffed up as I'd like.


And I bought garlic at the farmers market for the first time. Haven't used it yet. But it had never occurred to me to look for garlic there. Berries, greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, yes. But garlic, no. So I was very excited by this purchase!


And some blueberries made their way into our bag, too. So we had no choice but to make blueberry pancakes for dinner last night. No choice at all.


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