Monday, August 3, 2009

Status report

I have been making progress on the dress. I promise. It even looks like a dress at this point. But it is not finished.

And the mini-garden is still growing. There are green tomatoes. It seems like these things are never going to turn at all reddish.


The lettuce is doing pretty well still.


The basil keeps growing like crazy, which is great. And the carrots. Well, the leafy bits look nice. But the little orange carrot I pulled up as a test the other day was very little indeed. It tasted all carrot-like, though, which reminds me that I don't actually like carrots. Oh well.


Also: corn on the cob. It is pretty great. It has been at the farmers market the last couple Sundays and we have been loving it. Plus, I just discovered the coolest way to cook it. (Maybe everyone else already knows that this is an option, but I did not.) Just throw it into the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes, husks and all. When it comes out it will be cooked to perfection and the silk will just pull right back with the husks. No foil! No picking at tiny silk strands pre-cooking! Delightful!

corn on the cob

It was pretty tasty, even without salt and butter (and I really love salt and butter, so this is saying something). Another bonus: the husks make a great corn-eating handle. This is particularly awesome because we have still not managed to obtain regular corn holders. And now we don't need to!

corn on the cob

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