Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall apron

We flew back into Chicago Saturday night, so on Sunday I was able to knock out my submission for the latest Tie One On theme: plaid. Of course, I should have done all my catch-up blog reading before my sewing, because then I'd have known that the Tie One On deadline had been pushed back to October 1. But it's fine because Sunday was very crisp and cool and fallish and perfect for making a plaid apron. Plus, now I'm ahead of schedule! On top of things! Et cetera.

reversible plaid apron

I used the Reversible Apron pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. It was pretty easy and fits pretty well. But next time I'll make the apron strings at the waist each several inches longer. I like them extra long so they can easily tie in front with plenty of string left to spare.

And the reverse side?

reversible plaid apron

Perfect for whipping up some football-watching chili for Adam on fall weekends.

Edited 02/21/12 in response to a request to add a back view of the apron:


emily said...

i love the ohio state logo. i am going to do this for a college roommate of mine that is getting married this summer!

Anonymous said...

Would you please post a picture from the back? Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hmmm...not sure if I have one, but I could always take one this weekend. I'll see what I can do! It's a pretty basic back: strings to tie at the waist and the neck, both sets about the same width.

Sarah said...

Anonymous - Sorry it took so long to post the back view photo. I didn't have one already on my laptop, but I managed to snap one this morning. Hope it is helpful!