Friday, September 4, 2009

Trip highlights

Because I'm sure you were wondering. In chronological order:

Buying fancy-pants salt at The Meadow. It felt so delightfully frivolous.

fancy salt

Powell's. Best bookstore ever.

Sampling macarons* from Pix Patisserie. Caramel, pistachio, raspberry and espresso. All good, but raspberry and espresso were the most delicious.


Mount Rainier. Absolutely gorgeous.

Mount Rainier

The tour (with samples!) of Theo Chocolate. Our tour guide was awesome. The chocolate is not only really, really yummy but also all fair trade and organic and feel-good. And, of course, I brought home some souveniers.

Meeting up with my brother, who is now a mountain man.

And, of course, spending all that awesome time with no work and lots of Adam.

*I had never had macarons before. I tried making some chocolate macarons last Christmas using the recipe from How to Be a Domestic Goddess. The project was a massive failure. Massive. As in inedible. As in straight-to-trashcan. Not sure if this was due to the recipe or me, but probably me. Anyway, now I am convinced I need to try again. Because these were pretty darn good.

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