Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traveling bag

Before we left for our trip, I managed to whip up this bag.

traveling bag

I'd been thinking about it for some time. Something worn across the body, not over the shoulder. Something with a wide, comfortable strap. Something big enough to hold all the lists and maps and granola bars I like to have on hand when traveling. Something small enough to read "purse" and not "messenger bag."

So I designed this. I drew myself a little pattern and everything. And it actually worked! I even remembered to make a dedicated pocket for easy phone access! So I'm pretty proud of myself.

traveling bag interior

The exterior fabric is duck cloth and the lining is quilting cotton. The duck cloth feels really sturdy and gives the bag enough structure that I didn't have to use any interfacing, which is nice. And I wasn't planning on the yellow for the lining, but it just looked so cheerful sitting there on the rack at the fabric store that I couldn't resist it.

Here's the bag in action.

traveling bag in action

Notes for next time: I keep picturing it in a ticking stripe fabric and loving it. I'd like to (maybe) try making the strap an inch or two longer. And experiment with some sort of fastener.

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