Tuesday, September 29, 2009

(un)Mixed Greens Frittata

I've been in a bit of a dinner rut lately, "lately" meaning at least all summer. I have been making the same things for dinner every week. Which is sort of okay, because we like those things and they are easy to make on a rushed weeknight, but is also sort of blah.

So Sunday I paged through some favorite cookbooks in search of something new (but still easy) and settled on the Mixed Greens Frittata from Moosewood Restaurant New Classics.

And it was good. Like, surprisingly good for something so simple. I love it when that happens!

(un)Mixed Greens Frittata

The recipe gives you options on the cheese and the greens, and I used cheddar and kale. I did not mix my greens. I really, really like kale. Historically, Adam has not been a huge fan of it. But he liked this frittata, kale and all! So I will definintely be making this again.

The cookbook says this will serve four people, but I think not. The frittata is very thin. We ate it all just the two of us. A side of roasted potatoes and a bowl of tomato soup would have rounded it out to a nice dinner. (I did not put that much thought into it ahead of time, which is typical, and ended up hastily preparing some Annie's mac'n'cheese as a side, but I'll try to remember roasted potatoes and tomato soup for next time!)

Edited to add: Moosewood has the frittata recipe online here (scroll to bottom of page).

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