Thursday, October 8, 2009

Regarding handkerchiefs

This spring I came into the possession of a pile of my grandmother's old handkerchiefs. I had every intention of actually using them. (I mean, they are very pretty and sweet, but they were meant to be used. That is why they exist.)

These are a few of my favorites.

But carrying a handkerchief around in my pocket or bag seemed icky. First, of course, I don't want snot on the insides of my pockets or the other stuff in my bag. Second, and equally important, I don't want the crud that might be in my pocket or bag to get all over the handkerchief so that it gets all over my face when I use it.

I clearly needed some sort of carrier ... like those travel Kleenex holders! So I drew up a little plan for how to make one. (I know there are probably a million tutorials to show me how to make these, but I like to do things the hard way.) The first one was Not Good. It might sort of work for a thick stack of Kleenex, but the opening is way too gaping to corral a hanky. So I reworked the idea a bit, so the opening has some overlap, like with an envelope-backed pillowcase. And that worked! Woohoo!

handkerchief holder
This is what I made last night to throw in my bag.

Not as lovely as the linen bag that was holding all the hankies when I got them, but it'll do for now.

embroidered pouch
This is the amazing linen bag that was holding them all when I got them and is now keeping them all herded together in my dresser. It's a very day-brightening, ooh-look-at-the-fancy surprise every time I open the drawer!


Jessica said...

I love your idea! Hankies are so much more fun than plain old tissues!

Sarah said...

Thanks! Now that I'm on this hankie kick, I have all these grand ideas about embroidering my own linen hankies, because the only thing more fun than hankies would be homemade hankies, right?