Sunday, November 22, 2009

Very accomplished

I hemmed the shirt! I have buttons for it! Progress!

But I also took a break from shirt sewing to work on the Recycled Sweater Slippers in Betz White's Sewing Green. I used denim for the sole grippers, which won't really help with slipping but will help with wear and tear on the soles.

recycled sweater slippers

Very comfy.

recycled sweater slippers

Also, some chocolate chip cookies (this time it's some that I did make). These are my go-to chocolate chip cookies, the Big Chocolate Chip Cookies from Moosewood Restaurant New Classics. I don't make them big, though. I make them regular-cookie-sized.

chocolate chip cookies

We can eat a batch of these embarrassingly quickly.


Michelle said...

Your slippers look so comfy! Found you from the SG flickr group! I've just finished cutting, and am planning to make 5 pair before Friday for Christmas gifts...keeping my fingers crossed that my machine holds out!

Enjoy your cozy toes:-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by! They are very comfy slippers, and they are pretty quick to make. Good luck with yours!