Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, this frittata? I make it a lot now. I usually do kale and cheddar, but yesterday I used collard greens and feta. It was good, but kale and cheddar is the best. And I found the recipe online for you here. You are welcome.

I didn't make this cookie. But I wish I had. It was really freakin' good. Seriously.

There was a chocolate chip cookie bake-off on my floor at work today. I didn't get my act together enough to make cookies, but I did manage to taste-test all the submissions. Oh the sacrifices I make. The one above, substantial and chewy with walnuts mixed in, was my very favorite. I snuck one home for dessert tonight. Mmmm.

And! It is almost time for the most delicious holiday of them all! I'm looking forward to two days of tastiness--plus bonus days of leftover tastiness--downstate with the families. And trying to decide what to take as my contribution to the in-laws' dinner. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.


kaitlyn said...

i think we have the same plates! love your blog and am now following you in my reader :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by!