Friday, December 11, 2009

Because long-term goals are important

I seem to be making this tree skirt on a three-year plan.

Last year, I cut the circle and cut and stitched the name.

tree skirt

This year I managed to cut and stitch the trees.

tree skirt

Next year I hope to finish it by trimming the edges in red. Sheesh.

I'm just not a very speedy hand-sewer! That and I just can't get into the making-Christmas-stuff spirit until after Thanksgiving, which doesn't leave a lot of time to work on the tree skirt before I want to put it under the tree.

tree skirt

But I am pretty happy with how it's progressing, slow as that progress may be. Since I am not following a pattern, I feared that things would take a disastrous turn, but so far, so good! I am quite pleased with the way the letters and trees puff slightly. That's not a very good description of what I'm talking about, but the effect makes me happy despite my inability to translate it into words. My blanket stitches are a little messy, but that just gives it character, right? Right?

(If you're interested and missed my last post, there's an under-the-tree-with-twinkly-Christmas-lights picture of the tree skirt in its current state here for your enjoyment.)

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annette ooyevaar said...

the tree skirt and tree are really pretty together in the previous post and kitty is just visible admiring your work - your blanket stitches are lovely - no need to fret