Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be still my heart.

This is so cool. Seriously.

I first saw the video at BibliOdyssey, a really neat blog that I learned of, oddly enough, from a post at Go Fug Yourself.

And, with much excitement, I have helped myself to the the mass produced trade edition. Of course, that version doesn't have quite the same breathless "oh my god!" factor. But it also doesn't cost thousands of dollars. So there's that. And it is still really darn neat. And pretty, too. (Oh, and look! There are also stamps and cards!)

There's more info on the project and the products here.

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annette ooyevaar said...

Thank you so much for posting the video of the making of this beautiful book. Ari and I just watched the video (I watched the video twice since it is absolutely fascinating). Ari loved it (teens can be a really tough crowd). I'm off to make the Katherine Hepburn brownies, as we are completely out of cookies to go with the coffee...