Wednesday, February 10, 2010

from the sketchbook

While I was being lazy around the house on my day off Monday, I was searching about for something crafty I could do on the couch in front of a movie. (Picking up the knitting might seem perfect here, but knitting requires too much of my concentration to handle doing it while paying attention to something else.) And finally I was like, duh, hello, drawing!

sketchbook page 1

I used to draw a lot. Really, a lot. As kids, my sister and I drew entire worlds and narrated the lives of the people in it as we drew, and we would do this day after day after day for hours at a time. It was like playing house or Barbies or whatever, but with drawings. In school, my notebooks and binders were always covered with sketches. Later on I'd draw during my downtime at work. But somehow over the last few years I've gotten away from it.

So Monday I fished out a sketchbook and some colored pencils and dove back in. And it felt really good to be drawing something. Definitely not Art with a capital A, but something.


Shannon said...

Cute sketches! I used to be always drawing, but somehow, like you, I've gotten away from it in the last few years. I really miss it. I bought myself some colored pencils the other day, and I definitely need to make some time to sit down and use them.

Anonymous said...

You drew food!? What, these days you're too good to draw closets full of stirrup pants and oversized sweaters?? No urban planning? Ugh, I don't even know you. For that matter, "Amy" (red-head version one, two and three) doesn't even recognize you. Jeez.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Shannon!

And, "Anonymous"...I guess I'll have to work back up to entire late-80s wardrobes for my fictional characters and giant maps of made-up towns that are suspiciously full of clothing and record stores and Pontiac dealers (seriously, Pontiac dealers, what was with that?) and seriously lacking in more necessary businesses and industries. ;) Although I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad still have all those very important pieces of work in their basement, right? Because if not, I'll be very sad!

Anonymous said...

I believe we do, may not be in pristine shape but still hanging around under all the other stuff stored down there!