Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disproportionately about sweets


Oh, the weather has been so great the last couple of days! Sun! And warmth! And no coat! So exciting. Now if only it would warm up enough for flip-flops.

I'm working on a summer dress right now. It's from the Built By Wendy Dresses book (a book for which I have so many plans!). I'd hoped to have it finished by now, but I get distracted. But soon!

Ever since I made the super easy/tasty Oreo truffles, I've been thinking of other things I can cover in chocolate and call candy. I decided that chocolate chip cookie dough truffles would be perfect, because I want a "legitimate" reason to eat cookie dough. Well, my first batch of filling wasn't quite right texture-wise, so I rolled it into balls but didn't bother covering it with chocolate. I've been eating balls of cookie dough straight out of the freezer all week. Nice. But I plan to give the cookie dough truffle thing another go this weekend. I'm sure there is a recipe for something like this out there, but I prefer doing things like this the hard way. Just because.

And it's Cadbury Egg season! (I know some people think it is Peeps season, but I firmly believe that Peeps are an abomination.) My Cadbury love encompasses both the creme eggs and the candy-coated mini-eggs. Just like when I was a kid, I still like to bite one hole in the end of a creme egg and try to suck out the filling. It is never a very successful venture, and it always ends with chocolate all over my mouth, but I cannot help it. That is the way the creme egg is meant to be eaten. The mini-eggs I am able to eat like a proper adult, well, aside from the need to eat them in the proper order, sorted by color.


klmphotos said...

Although I couldn't disagree with you more about Peeps ( ) I do love me some cadbury eggs (full size not mini).

I have a great recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles (we call them crack balls...because well they are kind of addicting) If your interested in the recipe I can send it your way!

annette said...

I am happy to hear you are finally having coat-less weather - always such a happy occasion!
Chuckling and chuckling about the crack balls - I mean the cookie dough balls straight from the freezer. Can't wait to see the dress.

Sarah said...

KLM--Actually it was your post about the Peeps that reminded me to go out and buy my Cadbury eggs before they ran out! (They are always running out of the darn mini-eggs way early around here.) And I would love it if you could send the crack ball recipe my way.

Annette--I know! I'm so, so happy about the weather. It has improved my mood lately about 300%.

hrgottlieb said...
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