Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March. It's better than February, but still...


She may look happy that it is still all wintery out there, but I assure you that I do not. Enough with the cold and the gray and the slush, please.

I hate/love getting to the part of winter where I become insensitive to the cold. When it's still below freezing out and I'm taking my hat off and loosening my scarf as I walk because it's all making me too freakin' hot. On the one hand, damn you, winter, for being so long and cold that you dull my senses! But, on the other hand, at least I don't still feel like my extremities are going to freeze and fall off. I do appreciate that.

But this week, oh, this week it is supposed to get up into the 40s! The joy! So things are looking up.

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