Friday, April 16, 2010


I am working on a summery shirt from some of my new fabric. Hope to finish that up soon. But for now: other stuff!

This tapestry is pretty amazing. For real. It has everything: Stitching! Pictures! Words! Life story! Loads of detail! Is there anything not awesome about this?

If you are in Chicago and want a cupcake, let me suggest Sugar Bliss. One of my coworkers brought some cupcakes in this week, and they were amazingly delicious. Seriously. So, so, so good. So many places have tasty frosting, but dry or flavorless cake. Not these. These were perfection.

Mac and cheese from a box (Annie's) mixed with cut up veggie dogs and sauted kale (sauted the kale with some garlic and a splash of lemon) and heavily seasoned with salt and pepper is trashily delicious. Who knew?

On a less awesome, more anxiety-inducing note: Neurotoxins in veggie burgers! Nice. One more thing to remember while at the grocery. And I know that this is but one not-good-for-me ingredient among many, many such ingredients, including tons I don't even know to be worried about. But, really, isn't that insane? I mean, it really should not be so hard to buy food that doesn't have creepy stuff in it. Sigh. One more reason to try to make every damn thing from scratch.

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annette said...

I just watched Jean Baggot talking about her tapestry in the video about her and her book. She is a darling lady, so well spoken and I found her talk about her life to be very moving. Thank you for posting this.

I am alarmed to read about the veggie burgers! AHHH!