Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can you hear me sighing ridiculously from where you are?

Wow, so it's been more than a week since I posted. For one thing, I've been overly busy in lots of non-blog-related ways. But also, and more to the point, my latest sewing project has been going less than fabulously. In fact, it has been going pretty disasterously.

Exhibit A

I started this spring/summer shirt nearly two weeks ago. It is based on the basic shirt pattern in Sew U (see here for my version), but with a lot of variations. I should have finished it last weekend, easily.

But every little thing has gone awry. And it is still not finished. I made the neckline too deep, so I had to add a fix-it design element. The fix-it design element required some top-stitiching that seems to have done something else rather wonky to the neckline that I haven't quite figured out how to fix yet. For awhile I was having some tension-adjusting issues with my machine (which are all better now, at least). Then, nearing the point of completion, I started to put the snaps on. And discovered, rather too late, that the decorative fronts of the snaps I am using don't properly fit/work with my snap press, causing shirt carnage as shown below.

Exhibit B

Yesterday's highlight was when, in an attempt to pry the poorly set snap off the shirt, I managed to stab a small screwdriver up under my thumbnail. Bleeding was involved.

So that's where I've been.

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annette said...

Oh man! The screwdriver incident is awful, and the snap agony, I am sorry that happened to you. The fabric is really pretty. Maybe you can salvage the snap issue by using a larger snap?