Friday, July 16, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I have finally started up the sewing machine again! Hooray!

It feels good to get back into the swing of things. When I take a long(ish) break from sewing, I tend to forget how much I like it. Then when I start back up and am making noticeable progress on something, I have so much fun I can't believe I don't make time to sew every day. Of course, that only applies until I get into a fight with my fabric/thread/machine/pattern, but it's nice while it lasts.

And there's nothing like a fresh space and fresh supplies to put a person in the mood to make, make make! I'll show you the fresh sewing space soon, once it's ready for its close-up. But there's nothing keeping from from a little show-and-tell (well, mostly just show, I guess) with some of the fresh (to me) supplies right here and now.

elastic with nifty packaging

bias tape

salvaged bits and pieces

lacey trims

Top to bottom:  1. Elastic, which is useful though not so exciting, but I love the little metal packaging on this. 2. Cotton bias tape with little gold metallic dots. Love! I am now flush with bias tape and hem tape and such, but this was the most awesome member of the group. 3. Bits and pieces Grandma salvaged from larger items. This is but a small part of a bigger collection. She is cool and thrifty like that. 4. Lacey trims. Again, part of a much larger collection.

And project ideas are already lining themselves up in my head. But they must wait until I finish the dress I've already started! (Probably.)

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annette said...

Hi Sarah - Wow the laces are incredibly lovely - I would have a hard time too breaking the seal on those really cool foil wrappers on the elastic. I am hoping you might use the dotted bias tape on a circus apron -