Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Which contains what you will see in the perusal of it.

I am reading Don Quixote (I have been reading it on and off for a couple of years now...that sucker is long). It has a title for each chapter, of which there are many, and that (the post title up there) is the name of one of the chapters. Best chapter name ever.

Now, on to the business at hand: I made something. I know. You can hardly believe it. You thought perhaps I would never manage to make anything ever again. Well, ha! You were wrong!

the new dress

This dress is based on the dirndl dress pattern in Built By Wendy Dresses. I am happy with the cut/fit of the dress, and I am pretty happy with the basic look of it. But last night, as I finished the neck facing and the hemming of the sleeves, I wanted to murder my sewing machine. Things were going not so well. So it is finished, but I am not at all pleased with last night's work. Those parts are a bit of a mess (as is a bit of the ribbon stitching, to be honest), though Adam assures me I am the only one who will notice. That'd be nice.

the new dress

I had a whiney paragraph here about my dissatisfaction with my sewing skills, but I reread it just now and it was annoying and ridiculous, so DELETE. I just need to be more patient, pay more attention to the details, and get back on the horse. Ready, set, GO!

the new dress


Lisa said...

I really like what you did with the pattern! And I know what you mean about those sewing machine tantrums...

Kirsty D said...

I think it looks great! I wouldn't have noticed there was anything wrong with it at all had you have not pointed it out.
Seriously if I made a dress like that I'd be super happy with myself and I'd live in it LOL!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much, you guys! I appreciate the encouragement. And the farther removed I get from the actual sewing machine tantrum, the happier I am with the dress. So that's nice!

annette said...

Yes, reading the misadventures of Senor Quixote is a long thoughtful undertaking with much comedy! I have only managed to read a very small part of the book, which sits expectantly on the shelf - giving me sideways looks.
The dress is lovely - and the ribbon detail is a really nice touch. I find stitching ribbon down to be very difficult myself - but your struggles are not evident - the hem on the sleeves are impeccable!
I love the pictures in front of the tree btw.