Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Wow, it is full-on fall around here, it seems. There's an extra blanket on the bed and this weekend we bought our first rake.* And apple cider from the farmers market. Yum! And it's time for chili! I've been cooking my beans in the slow cooker, and it has been awesome. I soak them for a few hours after work in the evening, then I let them sit in the cooker (on low) overnight and I have cooked beans in the morning! Very exciting.

I haven't been sewing at all. Because I am lazy. Well, and because I keep waiting for our curtain rods so I can sew some much-needed curtains for the living room. I don't want to start another sewing project only to have it interrupted by the need to sew curtains. But I'm beginning to wonder if curtain rods will ever come. We received part of the order yesterday, only to open the box to find the wrong items. Excellent. So maybe I should start some other sewing projects soon because it seems like the wait for curtain-sewing time could be a long one.

Another area in which I have been slacking: baking. I have some new books to try out, with some really yummy-looking stuff bookmarked, so I need to get cracking.

*Raking leaves is a new thing for me. My family never really raked leaves at my parents' out-in-the-country house, but now our suburban neighbors all have nice, tidy dead-leaf-free lawns, so I guess some raking is in order. But probably not too much. Because it seems kind of silly to me.


annette said...

at our previous abode which turned out to be oak leaf alley valley - we actually caught our neighbor raking our leaves on a couple of occasions ... though this did not change our habit of leaving all the leaves all around until spring when we stuffed them into the composter

Anonymous said...

If you live where there are street grates taking in rain runoff (and leaves), it is important to rake your leaves and dispose of them properly. If you don't, they will contribute to clogged sewer pipes. If you are on a combined sewer system, clogged sewer pipes and mondo huge rains could force water back up and into your home through lower level drains and toilets (this means rain water, oils from the street and shit all end up flooding your basement). If you are on a separated sewer system,it could contribute to flooded streets. Rake your leaves.