Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A few things

zucchini pancakes

1. These zucchini pancakes were pretty good. Of course, I think that nearly anything topped with tomatoes and sour cream is delicious. Until this summer, I had never cooked zucchini before. Can you believe that?

2. Renegade Craft Fair was in Chicago this weekend. My time and budget were limited, but I couldn't resist a pretty little ceramic bowl from Kyla Toomey. (It's one of these.) She also had some lovely and unusual soap dishes that I'm wishing I'd have brought home with me.

3. Also at Renegade, one of my favorite Wicker Park restaurants had a food stand up. Score! The spicy chickpea burrito reminded me how much I love Mana Food Bar.

4. Arugula, sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper make such a good salad. I love that arugula is spicy and flavorful enough that I don't need to drown it in salad dressing in order to eat it.

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annette said...

Kyla Toomey's bowls are very cool - I love the dimpling with and the colors she used. I also loved her chunky indented cups and bowls.