Monday, April 4, 2011

Still here!

I'm still here, just tired and therefore not generating much post-worthy material. (Speaking of which, how fun is insomnia!?! Last night I woke up around 2 a.m. and didn't get back to sleep until very nearly 6 a.m. Awesome!)

One thing I did get done recently: baby toy!

hen and chicks

Meet Henny Penny and her Six Chicks from Handmade Beginnings. I think there's an error in the instructions (either that or my tired, overtaxed brain just isn't working properly), because I'm pretty sure they say to cut out two hen bottom pieces but only talk about one when when sewing the body together. I followed the cutting instructions and only skimmed the sewing instructions, thus making my hen a double-wide. Oh well. She's sturdy like that.

hen and chick

This is a great scrap-using project. And I love the velcro idea. The little chick wings are velcro (loop side) so they can be stuck to the velcro strip (hook side) on the hen body. So cute!


My hand-sewing skills are suspect, as you can see by the wonky, pointy edges along the chicks' bottoms. And only a few of my little eyes are actually proper French knots...the rest are just knots. And I kind of pulled one out a bit accidentally after the photo session. But, hey, it's probably going to get covered in spit-up, drool and dirt anyway, right? Good enough.


annette said...

What a great toy idea for babies! The velcro wings on the chicks with the tucking under mama's wing feature is perfect for little hands. You and baby will probably get years of play out of this brood. I love the fabrics you used for the mama chicken and her babies, they are very pretty! (Is that a crib I spy?)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Annette! Yes, that's the crib. The baby's room is not at all ready to go yet (the walls won't be painted for a couple weekends yet, so everything is just sort of piled about for now), but the crib and changing table are put together, so at least that can be crossed off the big list!