Friday, April 8, 2011

A fine assortment

My first Etsy purchase arrived yesterday. I can't believe it actually took me that long to buy something, what with having a huge "favorites" list that I started years ago. Why? Anyway...I bought some letterpress cards from Bumblebee Press to use as baby shower thank-you notes, and they are so cute! I am so happy with them, and so happy to have supported a small, crafty business. Hooray!

And now I'm on a bit of an Etsy kick, with a letterpress print for the baby's room already ordered and several prints for the kitchen and living room being strongly considered. And all the lovely wooden baby toys! I think I need to pace myself, though.

This weekend, much like last weekend and the weekend before it and the next weekend and so on, is looking pretty darn busy. There are lots of things, both baby- and non-baby-related to check off the to-do list in the next month. Some of it is really boring (such as many, many shopping trips to many, many places). But some of it is fun (sewing! cooking more food for the freezer! starting to get our hands dirty in the veggie garden!). So maybe that'll give me something to talk about other than my habits of consumption.

But for now, here's a list of stuff to check out. You're welcome.

House 8810 has lots of cute stuff that I want. Please. [via MADE]

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs. Pure awesome. If only I had time to try this in the near future. [via Craft]

I love the Muppets. And I love miniatures. So this is pretty much blowing my mind. [via Craft]

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annette said...

Wooden baby toys are the best!

The homemade cadbury creme eggs are hilarious (made my mouth water), and the Muppet theatre is absolutely incredible, wow.