Friday, May 20, 2011

The state of things

Well, Adam is back to work and I'm home with the kiddo. So far, so good, though I really miss having Adam around to take care of us both! Loving wearing Adelaide in the Moby wrap, though - she seems to love it, and it's the only way I was able to eat any food today! We're still trying to mostly take it easy around here, not doing too very much. And I'm trying to catch up with the internet (blog reading, flickr, and such), but golly it seems like I've been away for ages!

mama's point of view

I hope to slowly get back to some sewing. My project list is still huge, filled with things I'd hoped to accomplish pre-baby with a few new tasks added post-Adelaide. And cooking. Eventually I'll get back to that too! So far we've been living off the things I made and froze and the kindness of family and neighbors who have stocked our kitchen pretty well lately. Lucky us!

And the garden...Some of the seeds are growing, some things are waiting to be planted (including my favorite: tomatoes! soon!). We are trying potatoes in a sack. I read about it somewhere and it seemed a lot easier to dump them out at harvest time rather than dig them up, so we're giving that a go. I sewed up the sack out of some landscape fabric from the hardware store. It looks like the potatoes are starting to grow a little finally, so that's good. If it looks like our method is working out, I'll put together a little post about how we did it.

the garden beds so far

potatoes in a bag

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