Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I was home alone with the kid again. Only day two for that. And, despite a serious lack of sleep last night, it was a rather nice day. A shower was taken, laundry was folded and put away, thank-you notes were written, and during one of Adelaide's naps I even contemplated starting up a sewing project. I say "contemplated" because upon walking into my sewing room, I was hit in the face with this:

the state of things
the state of things
the state of things
the state of things

Oh, yeah. Right. Well. That's no good.

As part of the getting-ready-for-the-baby effort, we had to clear out the nursery-to-be. Which meant stashing all that junk elsewhere. Some of it went to the basement, but some of it was designated to rest in the sewing room. Which meant new shelves and a total reorganization of the sewing room. Or, rather, which meant new shelves and getting about halfway through a total reorganization of the sewing room. Oops.

So instead of sewing, I did some clean-up work. Not that anyone would be able to tell by looking. So that's my project now: making room for some actual projects.


Kat said...

My sewing room looks like that too. My version of cleaning though includes clearing a space on the desk so I can sit and sew and then leaving the rest of the room. I spend so much time cleaning the rest of the house the sewing always gets neglected.

annette said...

It might not feel like it but it looks like you are close to getting your sewing room into shape. I won't feel bad now about stacking stuff on top of my printer too!